How to view Youtube videos without flash player!!

Many times it happens that you dont have the latest version of flash player and youtube doesn’t work on the older one. Well here’s a trick that lets you watch them without flash player installed. Moreover, it gives you the options to directly view the HD/HQ version of a video(if available), and a link to download the video. Let’s go

Step1  – If you are using Mozilla Firefox, go to step 2. If not download and install it from here.

Step2  – Install the Greasemonkey plugin by clicking here.

Step3  – Install Linterna Magica

Step4  – Greasemonkey will install the script. Just restart Firefox and enjoy the tweak.

Step5  – Sit back and relax.

Getting started with programming in GNU/Linux: the easy way

Are you an engineering student(or anyone for that sake), and are bored with that ugly Turbo C, or are sick of ‘javac’ to compile java programs. Well, here’s an easy way to do all the things nicely, easily, and in complete freedom. With some initial effort, it will be a lot easier and cooler.

The first step is to install a GNU/Linux system. Now mind that, C & C++ were made for UNIX, and that is the correct place to program in them. But since UNIX is out of reach for us, GNU/Linux is the best(and it’s free) alternative. Though there are many of them, most of us have heard of Red Hat 5 only, or maybe Ubuntu. But I highly recommend Trisquel, which comes with a plenty of software, and media codecs preinstalled. And it’s completely free(as in free speech). So our steps are:

Step1-Download and install Trisquel. You can read the tutorial to install it on my blog soon.

Step2-Open Synaptic Package Manager by

Main menu->System->Administration->Synaptic

or by pressing ‘Alt+F2’ and typing ‘gksudo Synaptic

search and mark the following packages

  • g++
  • openjdk-6-jdk
  • build-essential
  • gcc
  • geany

click ‘Apply’. the packages will be downloaded and installed.

If you want an easy way for all this, just open a terminal by

Main menu-> Accesories -> Terminal

and paste the following

sudo apt-get install gcc build-essential openjdk-6-jdk g++ geany

it will ask for your password. When you type it, you will see nothing, but be patient. Type the password and press enter, the packages will be downloaded and installed automatically.

Step3- Open Geany by

Main menu ->Programming -> Geany

and start typing your first program. Save the program with the appropriate extension.

Step4- Press F8 to compile the program and F5 to run the compiled program.

Step5- Sit back and enjoy a clear air of freedom.

Happy programming:-)!!!


Hello all!! I thought I would just write some of my poems here. Hope you enjoy.

This one came to me while driving…..its strange,, poems come to me while driving

Dard ki aukat kya jo tod kar rakhde mujhe
gode me faulad ki,
jalna seekha hai maine..

Ishq ki aukat kya jo zakhm koi de mujhe
kaanto bhari har raah par,
chalna seekha hai maine…

Another one

kyu teri aankhein
mil nahi pati meri ankho se ab..
kyu teri ankhein dekh nahi pati
us dard ko jo
behta h meri ankhon se
aur dubo deta h is jahan ko..
kyu teri ankhein nahi de pati ab wo nazar
jis nazar ne chheena tha mujhe khud se..
kyu teri ankho me nahi ati ab
dosti ki wo khushboo
jo mehkati thi mere galiyaro ko..
kyu teri ankhein palat jati h
dekhkar ab mujhe
aur deti nahi wo muskurahat..
kyu teri ankhein gehri si h ajkal
chhupati ho kuchh raaz jyon mujhse..
kyu teri ankhein jhuk si jati h mere ate hi
kya itna bura h mera ehsaas??
kyu teri ankhein dhundhti h
kisi aur ko mere siwa,
aur ehsaas karati h mujhe
ki tu kisi aur ka naseeb h..
kyu teri ankhein kehti h mujhse bas
door chale jane ko..
aur phir bhi kyu meri ankhein
dekhti h bas tujhe hi
teri bewafai nazro ka dhokha ho jaise..
kyu meri ankhe manti h tujhe ab bhi apna..
aur kyu meri ankhein
chahti h maut me zindgi dhundhna..
akhir kyu?
akhir kyu??

This one is quite good

Chand kyu rootha hai mujhse,
aisee bhi kya baat hui.
jazbat umadkar yun nikle,
ki bin badal barsat hui.

akash ye itna gehra hai,
ki waqt se pehle raat hui.
chand kyu rootha hai mujhse,
aisi bhi kya baat hui…

Hello world!

This is my first post. Written at 0851 hrs IST on Sun, 21 Feb 2010, on my ACER 5738 laptop running Fedora 12 with Gnome shell, with Firefox as the browser. This is a geeky, virus free, stable, state of the art system. Well why am i writing this. After the past months of emotional drama, pressure of first 3 semesters of my engineering course, and the inability to work on my website(coming soon), I had to do something new to revamp my life. And here it is, I’m writing a BLOG. I never thought I will write one, sounded kinda boring to me, huh. But now I think it must be interesting. Let’s see what the oracle has to tell(not the company dude).

Well this is my first ever blog, so I’m not kinda sure what to write, but as nature recounts, some of the possibilities are:

  • Javascript
  • Linux
  • Computing
  • Music
  • Current education system
  • Poetry

Well this is it for now, but I’m sure I would find a lot more things to write on. Let’s see what fate* has in it.

*fate is a joke….. and the joke is in your hands.